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Please note the following Media Lab closure times:

The Media Lab is open from 10a-1p on 12/31

Click here to schedule a reservation

The Media Lab is a brand new addition to the Central Library that offers customers access to specialized software and equipment for computer and audio production.

The library's Media Center was made available by a generous donation from the Newport Beach Public Library Foundation.

Feeling Creative?

Want to build a website? Design a marketing campaign? Edit a movie? The computers in the Meda Lab are equipped to meet your needs.

For a comprehensive list of available software, please visit our What Can You Do in the Media Lab? page.

Shape Your Sound

The Sound Lab is equipped with the hardware and software to suit your audio needs, be it editing an album or recording music.

The Sound Lab includes an iMac computer station, Universal Audio Apollo Quad, Ignite, IK Multimedia Total Studio 3, ProTools 11, Axiom 49 MIDI keyboard, M-Audio M-Track Plus, Bose Companion 20 Speakers, and an Audio Technica AT2020 Microphone.


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