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OverDrive Downloadable Books FAQs

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SoCal Digital Library (OverDrive)

OverDrive's Help Page

Is there special software required? For audio books you will need OverDrive Media Console and Windows Media Player or iTunes (Windows 7 users may need a WMP security update. Follow the link here to install). For ebooks on most devices you will need Adobe Digital Editions. There is no additional software required for ebooks on Amazon Kindles. OverDrive Read format titles require no downloads, no additional software and are read directly in your device's web browser. Not all titles are available in this format.
Which devices are compatible with OverDrive? Check the list here.
How do I get started? Take a look at OverDrive's Quick Start Guide.
How many items can I have checked out at one time? 5
Can I place holds on items? Yes, you can have up to 10 holds at one time.
How long is the checkout period? 7 or 14 days, you get to choose.
Can I return books early? Yes, all of the eBook formats and the MP3 format audio books can be returned early. WMA format audio books cannot.
How long do books remain in my bookbag or on my bookshelf? 30 minutes without checkout
How long do I have to check out my hold from the time I am notified that it's available? 3 days
How many times can I download a title I have checked out? 3 times
Can I renew a title? Yes, if there are no holds on the item then a "renew" link will appear under the title in your account. This link will appear three days before the title expires, and works with both audio and eBook formats.
Can I browse for books and check them out directly on my device? Yes, on Apple and Android based tablets (including Kindle Fire and Nook tablets) and most smartphones you can install the OverDrive app using the App or Google Play store.
Are audio books Mac compatible? Yes, the MP3 format only.
Are audio books PC compatible? Yes. Please note that the OverDrive app for Windows 8 phones only supports MP3 format audio titles.
Are audio books iPod compatible? Yes, but keep in mind that if you are using a Mac you will only be able to transfer MP3 titles to your iPod.
Are audio and ebooks iPad compatible? Yes. The OverDrive app for the iPad will only show items that are compatible with the iPad.
Can I burn an audio book to CD? You can with some titles. Check the title information in OverDrive.



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